Marriage is What Brings Us Together Today

Awhile back, I asked what I should share on my blog next and many many people voted for my thoughts on getting married at a young age. Michael and I got married at 22 and get questioned about it all the time. Keep reading to hear my thoughts on why we chose to get married young and why age should not matter.

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Madeline Grace

Testimony means evidence or proof provided by the existence or appearance of something. A testimony is usually a story. I have a story. You have a story. We all have a story that is evidence of something. Many of these stories prove the existence of human imperfection. However, they also prove something that is bigger than our own flaws. Can you see this in your own story? It’s there, whether you see it or not. He is there. He is evident in your story. In this vulnerable story, Madeline Grace Larson shares the proof of Him, the God of gods, in her life. Keep reading to witness her Testimony and how God showed up in her life.

What has been a Goliath in your life? How have you dealt with that?

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Tips for Traveling on a Budget!

About 3 months before our anniversary, my husband and I booked a trip to celebrate in Paso Robles. As it crept closer, our budget just grew tighter. Because we would not be able to get our money back in full, we decided to continue with our plans and just plan well! I am so grateful we had chosen to visit Paso because as it turns out, this is the perfect place to go when on a budget! I’ve provided a few tips on how to tackle Paso + keep things affordable along with a few of our favorite spots. Keep reading to check it out!

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